Made in Germany, the AIRBELT D series are the best full-size, commercial-grade canister vacuum cleaners on the market today! There are three models, each with different cleaning head options. The D1 is a straight-suction (no electric power head) vacuum that includes the Kombi Nozzle, with retractable bristles, for use on hard floors and rugs. The black or white-colored AIRBELT D4 Premium includes the 12-inch-wide ET-1 Power Head. However, the red-colored AIRBELT D4 offers a choice between the ET-1 or the 15-inch-wide ET-2 Power Head. Both D4 models include a parquet brush for cleaning hard floors. The D1’s suction adjustment switch is located on the canister body, but on the D4 models, it’s located on the hose handle.

All three AIRBELT D models are powerful, ultra-quiet and will provide years of reliable use! They feature a full bag or clog indicator, a huge 1.5-gallon bag, three on-board attachments, an unmatched 40-foot cord and 52-foot cleaning radius, rubber-coated wheels to pro

Sebo Airbelt D4 Red without Power Head, with Parquet Brush

SKU: 90630AM
    • Straight Suction Parquet Brush for Hard Floors, and Your Choice of Two Power Heads for Carpets
    • A Choice of two Power Head Sizes: Either the 12-inches-wide ET-1 or the 15-inches-wide 
    • Included: Parquet Brush, Dusting Brush, Crevice and Upholstery Nozzles
    • Full-size Canister Vacuum
    • Adjustable Suction Switch on the Handle
    • Comfortable Ergonomic Handle
    • A Flat-to-the-floor 3 1/2-inch Profile
    • A 40-foot Power Cord and an Amazing 50-foot Cleaning Radius
    • A Huge 1 1/2-gallon Filter Bag


    • Designed and Manufactured in Germany
    • The World’s Best Pet Vacuums
    • Excellent for Users With Allergies or Asthma
    • Tightly Sealed Hospital-grade Filtration
    • Reliable, Commercial-grade Components
    • Rubber Wheels and Bumpers Protect Homes
    • High-tech Brush Roller Technology
    • Changing Bags is Easy and Clean
    • Save Money! SEBO Vacuums Last for Years
    • Free Warranty Coverage
  • 10 day exchange on unused items

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